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Four Benefits of New Construction

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

benefits of new home construction

1. Low-Cost Maintenance

New construction homes come with a significant financial benefit: low maintenance costs. With modern plumbing, appliances, heating and air, a new construction home can leave you worry-free for several years. With less to worry, you can spend time enjoying your new home and exploring your new community rather than making repairs and updates to an existing home.

2. The Convenience of Move-In Ready

Whether you’re on a strict schedule or need to stay within a certain budget, new construction homes are a great option for home buyers who want to move in worry-free with only their boxes and furniture. With a new construction home, you can trust everything is updated and freshly painted. Homes like ours come with state-of-the art appliances already installed. It makes moving in a breeze.

3. Built Strong and Efficient

When your home is built from the ground up with current code compliance designed into its entire structure, you’ve got the peace of mind. With modern construction and the integration of advanced technologies comes the added benefit of energy efficiency. New construction homes are built with the latest advances in construction materials and building practices, which can give new homeowners reduced monthly utility bills. Another benefit is they are built to protect against hurricane-force winds. Foundations, framing, trusses, and roofing all have undergone changes that vastly improve their resilience, even above structures built just ten or fifteen years ago. And homes like ours include impact windows and doors.

4. Modern Floor Plans and Designs for How You Live

Pre-owned homes can be dark and boxy, often leading you through a maze of tiny rooms.

In contrast, a new construction home is a bright and welcoming experience from the moment you walk in the front door. Often with a wide open floor plan, many new homes boast tall ceilings that give a spaciousness you can’t always find in an existing home (did you know our homes come with 9' 4" ceilings? That extra height makes such a difference). They are also thoughtfully designed for the way people need and want to live. An open eat-in kitchen with an oversized island creates the optimal place to gather with friends and family, and bedrooms and bathrooms are strategically placed to keep every family member or guest happy.

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